rakesh March 4, 2019

If you would like to purchase the designer handbag with casual luxury look, Burberry handbag would be a good choice. This Small Check and Chains Sling Bag is obviously suitable for your requirement. Besides, its classical appearance would be never out of fashion stage no matter how long you keep in your cabinet. Now follow […]

rakesh February 17, 2019

Burberry fashion handbags collection can be one of your most valuable possessions. From the world recognized maker of designer bags, you can choose from different designs that are truly worth keeping. There are two designs of Prosum handbags that are most popular. The House Check Clutch which sells at $1,000 has an attractive light brown […]

rakesh January 18, 2019

rom an apprentice, 21 year old Thomas Burberry raised an empire of fashion and style on his name. Established in 1856 Burberry house holds patents and trademarks that had defined the fashion industry. From Audrey Hepburn on silver screen to Claudia Pshiffer on the ramps from Peter Sellers to Naomi Campbell all have adorned the […]

rakesh December 17, 2018

I love watching people out and about in cities. That eclectic mix of urban city dwellers that are energetic, adventurous and headstrong in their sense of style and expression. I also love looking at what handbag is bestowed upon the arm of the city’s bright young things. So here is my brief psycho babble on […]

rakesh November 15, 2018

Burberry is a British high fashion house known for its classy and sophisticated line of clothes, accessories and fragrances. Due to the brand’s commitment to quality and fashion the house has been granted a prestigious Royal Warrant by HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Prince of Wales. This recognition proves that Burberry is one […]

rakesh October 17, 2018

One can’t help but wonder what plans 21 year old Thomas Burberry had when he opened his first shop in Hampshire, England way back in 1856. Could he have imagined that, more than a century and a half later, his name would be known all over the world? Burberry’s business soon made a name for […]